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Can Carrier Recycling For Breweries

Can Carrier Recycling

The GreenLabs Recycling team retrieves can carriers from various brewery and liquor businesses around the state and transports that material back to our facility in Concord, MA for processing and repurposing. These can-carriers are not able to be recycled by single-stream facilities due to their small, thin size and light weight which causes them to fall through the cracks of the sorting machinery. Our goal is to divert these plastic can carriers from accidentally ending up in landfills or incinerators by reusing them in canning operations or by turning them into new products.

Many breweries, liquor stores and restaurants across Massachusetts are already accepting can carriers for reuse or recycling. If you are an individual looking to recycle your collection of can carriers, contact us to see if there’s a brewery near you with a recycling program in place. If you are a brewery or liquor store looking to implement a recycling program at your location, contact us today!

Can Carriers


Two Ways To Recycle Can Carriers For Breweries In New England and New York

direct pick up recycling

Direct Pick-Up Service

We pick up the plastic from you and transport it to our local facility, where we sort and shred it. We provide you the recycling bins and work with you to identify the right pickup schedule.

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Mail In Recycling

Mail-in Recycling

Located outside the Greater Boston area but still want to recycle your can carriers? Our mail-in service allows breweries, liquor stores (and individuals) in the New York and New England area to recycle up to 600 per box!

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GreenLabs Recycling In The News

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How scientists absolve their plastic guilt

ScienceLine | September 20, 2022

Journalist Hannah Loss interviews GreenLabs Recycling co-founder Brenda Waterman to discuss “plastic guilt” and how GreenLabs has come to be a solution for many labs by recycling up to 75% of lab-generated plastic waste.

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Recycling startup tackles laboratory plastics

Resource Recycling | April 14, 2022

GreenLabs co-founder Brenda Waterman and head of operations employee Serena Monteiro are interviewed by Resource Recycling reporter Marissa Heffernan to discuss the accomplishments of GreenLabs Recycling and how the company plans to grow in the future.

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Update on Massachusetts’ effort to improve plastic beer can carrier recycling in 2021

Craft Brewing Business | January 4, 2022

Reporter Chris Cowell looks at the can carrier recycling initiative in 2021 and improvements for the upcoming year. Look forward to more breweries and retailers taking part in the program in the near future!

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Recycling startup tackles laboratory plastics

WBUR Boston | October 26, 2021

WBUR Reporter Bruce Gellerman explores different approaches to sustainability in the craft beer industry. Shoutout to Rob Vandenabeele from EcoFriendlyBeerDrinker who has been helping us so much with the effort to collect can carriers for recycling.