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About GreenLabs Recycling

GreenLabs Recycling collects and recycles empty pipette tip boxes, refillable wafers and other plastic items from research facilities in Greater Boston. We provide locally-based, cost effective plastic recycling solutions to help make science sustainable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to collect and recycle plastic items from the lab science industry that are not accepted or able to be captured with current system technologies used at large-scale recycling sorting facilities. Key to our mission is keeping the recycling process local. By having the collection, recycling, and manufacturing steps close together, GreenLabs Recycling aims to cut emissions from long-distance transport, making our operation more environmentally sustainable and cost effective for all parties.

What We Offer:

  • Sustainable plastic collection service for labs in academia and industry.
  • Regular pickups and lab plastic recycling options tailored to your needs.
  • Excellent customer service at an affordable cost.

Our Story

Co-founders Brenda and David Waterman were graduate students at Brandeis pursing their PhDs in biology when their work in the lab sparked the idea to start GreenLabs Recycling. The two were floored by how much plastic they were generating every day in the lab and throwing away. When multiplied by the thousands of scientists working at the many universities and biotech companies around the Boston area, they realized that the scientific community had a huge plastic problem – with no way to sustainably manage it. With no pre-existing, cost effective or convenient recycling options available to them, Brenda and David formed their own.

Along with a co-founding team of other scientists, engineers and recycling industry experts and a grant through Brandeis, GreenLabs Recycling was launched in 2018. Since then, the size and scope of the GreenLabs Recycling operation has grown but the company has continued to focus on serving the growing industry in the Greater Boston area and strives to provide reliable, friendly and convenient service all while keeping the recycling process local and cost effective.

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GreenLabs Recycling Founders

Ready To Get Started?

We’d love to learn more about your recycling needs and help keep your plastic materials out of the landfill.

GreenLabs Recycling In The News

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Nasdaq | January 19, 2024

CEO Sam White highlights the pivotal role of hyperlocal manufacturing and how GreenLabs Recycling’s unwavering commitment to keep our recycling & manufacturing ecosystem within a 40-mile radius is the most financially and environmentally sustainable business model in the current geopolitical environment. 

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How scientists absolve their plastic guilt

ScienceLine | September 20, 2022

Journalist Hannah Loss interviews GreenLabs Recycling co-founder Brenda Waterman to discuss “plastic guilt” and how GreenLabs has come to be a solution for many labs by recycling up to 75% of lab-generated plastic waste.

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Recycling startup tackles laboratory plastics

Resource Recycling | April 14, 2022

GreenLabs co-founder Brenda Waterman and head of operations employee Serena Monteiro are interviewed by Resource Recycling reporter Marissa Heffernan to discuss the accomplishments of GreenLabs Recycling and how the company plans to grow in the future.