How It Works

GreenLabs Recycling Process

We Make it Easy to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

GreenLabs Recycling collects and recycles empty pipette tip boxes, refillable wafers, can carriers and other plastic items from the life science industry in Greater Boston. We provide locally-based, cost effective plastic recycling solutions to help make your operation more sustainable.

Step One of Recycling Process


Save your used plastic material in easy-to-use bins we provide to you.


We pick up the plastic from you and transport it to our local facility, where we sort and shred it.

Step Two of Recycling Process
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We work with local manufacturers to give the plastic a new life and reduce our client’s carbon footprint in the process!

Ready To Get Started?

We’d love to learn more about your recycling needs and help keep your plastic materials out of the landfill.

Plastic Resin pellets in holding hands.

Did You Know?

After GreenLabs Recycling collects your plastic, what happens to it?

  1. Plastic is manually sorted by resin-code - the number inside the 'chasing arrows triangle' found on most plastic items. Sometimes plastic is then further sorted by color. 
  2. Plastic is mechanically shredded into smaller pieces known as 'granulate' or 'regrind'.
  3. The granulate is used as raw material in injection, compression or blow molding applications to create new plastic products. Granulate is often combined with virgin plastic but some products are able to be made using 100% recycled material.